Monday, October 21, 2013

fad weight loss diet

"Fad" Weight Loss Diet

Obesity is killing us but using fad or extreme weight loss schemes may be making it worse!

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Obesity is a physical state that refers to excessive body fat. Chances are you have experienced the frustrations of dieting at least once in your life, if you have problems with your weight. Close to a hundred million Americans go on a weight loss diet in any given year and up to ninety-five percent of them regain the weight they lose within five years. Worse, a third will gain back more weight than they lost, in danger of "yo-yoing" from one popular diet to another. The conventional approach to weight problems, focusing on fad weight loss diets or weight loss drugs, may leave you with just as much weight and the additional burden of ill health.

Today, an estimated sixty-five percent of all American adults are obese or overweight. Our culture obsesses about staying thin even as we grow fatter, but this isnt about appearances. Obesity is known to be a precursor to many debilitating health conditions such as cancer, hea


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