Sunday, October 20, 2013

clean your plate is not always the way to go for healthy kids

"Clean Your Plate" Is Not Always The Way To Go For Healthy Kids

Like most parents, you want your children to be healthy. However, not everything your parents did is necessarily what experts consider to be most healthful now.

"Clean Your Plate" Is Not Always The Way To Go For Healthy Kids

According to obesity researchers, the United States obesity rate has more than doubled for preschoolers and adolescents-and more than tripled for ages 6 to 11-over the past 30 years. Obese children are at greater risk for health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, and often carry these problems into adulthood.

So, how do parents help children, and the entire family, eat healthier, both at home and away-from-home?

"Talk to your pediatrician, family doctor or registered dietitian to determine the healthiest weight goals for the entire family," said nutrition expert Jenifer Bland-Campbell, "then make a plan to tackle the issue."

She offers these tips to help parents help their families eat more healthfully:

• Eat at least one meal together daily, at regular intervals to discourage snacking.

• Prepare healthy dishes for the whole family, not just special foods for an overweight child.

• Don't


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